Public Radio Stations



Public radio was created and partially funded by the Unites States government in 1967, and by 1971 NPR was creating and broadcasting news relating to the war in Vietnam. Soon after its inception, NPR grew to include its first news magazine, “All Things Considered.” Funding for public radio is not only provided from government resources, but also is provided from local listeners. Many of the stations are associated with a university; some at a local level, and some as an NPR affiliate. Programming consists of news and information, as well as a musical format, which is often jazz or classical. The news broadcasts are well-respected and known for producing both world and breaking news. In addition, as the NPR program, “All Things Considered,” implies, the information broadcast is from a wide variety of topics including health, science, politics and popular culture. In all, NPR has 26 radio programs and a newscast service.

Example NPR radio programs:

1. “All Things Considered,” news
2. “Fresh Air,” news
3. “Morning Edition,” news
4. “From the Top,” music
5. “Mountain Stage,” music

Las Vegas Public Radio Stations

 KUNV   91.5 FM – Website – LISTEN LIVE ONLINE

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV

KTPH   91.7 FM – Website

Tonopah, NV

KNPR   88.9 FM News – Website – LISTEN LIVE ONLINE

Las Vegas, NV


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