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This radio format may also be known as rap and consists of stylized rhythmic music and rapping, or rhythmic and rhyming lyrics that are chanted. The music may also include other elements from hip-hop culture, such as DJing, scratching, instrumental tracks and beat boxing. Hip-hop came about in the 1980s as a culture grew around party DJs who were known for their improvisations. Originally, it began as an electronic music style or form of DJing without vocals. Eventually rapping, which stems from African-American culture, was added. Other influences include disco and reggae music. Programming closely mirrors urban contemporary.

Examples of hip-hop artists include Drake, Snoop Dog and Tyga.

Examples of hip-hop songs:

1. Drake, featuring Lil Wayne; “The Motto”
2. Drake, featuring Rihanna; “Take Care”
3. LoveRance, featuring IamSu and Skipper or 50 Cent; “UP!”
4. Kirko Bangz, “Drank in My Cup”
5. Tyga, “Rack City”

Hip Hop Radio Stations in Las Vegas Listening Area

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