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Alternative Radio Stations, resulted from the independent music played on college radio during the 1980s and alternative music is still heard on student-run radio stations today. Primarily non-mainstream music is played, which may include punk, dance, industrial, heavy metal and local artists. Alternative radio stations play various music styles; the determining criteria are underground rock music that has received some mainstream recognition, punk roots and often loud, distorted guitar riffs. Listeners are typically 18 to 34 years old, with more males than females.

Another form of alternative music is known as adult alternative, or AAA. Adult alternative blends modern rock, classic rock, alternative and progressive music, geared towards those at the older end of the alternative listener demographic.

Examples of music played by alternative radio stations include 3 Doors Down, Nirvana and REM.

Examples of alternative music songs:

1. Grouplove, “Tongue Tied”
2. The Black Keys, “Gold on the Ceiling”
3. M83, “Midnight City”
4. Of Monsters and Men, “Little Talks”
5. Neon Trees, “Everybody Talks”

Las Vegas Alternative Radio Stations


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