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  • Adult Contemporary Radio Stations

    Adult Contemporary music, or AC, is geared towards people ages 25 to 54 years old, and tends to appeal more to women than men. Music from the last twenty years forms the core of Adult Contemporary, but cutting edge rock music and rap is not included … [Continue Reading]

    Adult Contemporary Radio Stations
  • Classic Rock Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Classic rock music is timeless, and the iconic tunes of the genre, with heavy beats, screaming guitars and intelligent lyrics, have influenced many of today’s rockers and remain classic hits to this day. Because classic rock songs are … [Continue Reading]

    Classic Rock Radio Stations
  • Alternative Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Alternative Radio Stations, resulted from the independent music played on college radio during the 1980s and alternative music is still heard on student-run radio stations today. Primarily non-mainstream music is played, which may … [Continue Reading]

    Alternative Radio Stations
  • Talk and News Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu3] This format consists mainly of talk programming, but some news is available. Many stations play syndicated talk shows. Depending on the topic or format of the programming, talk radio appeals to a wide variety of adult listeners. Several … [Continue Reading]

    Talk and News Radio Stations
  • Sports Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] All-sports programming consists of sports news, sports talk shows and live coverage of national and local athletic contests. Dedicated to the discussion and broadcasting of sporting events, sports talk show hosts are active and … [Continue Reading]

    Sports Radio Stations
  • Jazz Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Jazz music came about at the beginning of the 20th century, with its roots in African and European music and influenced by American popular music. Jazz has a great variety of styles and can describe music from a period of more than 100 … [Continue Reading]

    Jazz Radio Stations
  • Contemporary Hits Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Contemporary hit radio is known under a wide umbrella of terms: Top 40, pop radio, current hits and CHR, among others. This radio programming format plays current popular music from the Top 40 music charts. The format actually includes … [Continue Reading]

    Contemporary Hits Radio Stations
  • Hip Hop Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] This radio format may also be known as rap and consists of stylized rhythmic music and rapping, or rhythmic and rhyming lyrics that are chanted. The music may also include other elements from hip-hop culture, such as DJing, scratching, … [Continue Reading]

    Hip Hop Radio Stations
  • Variety Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Variety programming does not follow any specific format or style, but play all types of music. It may also include talk programming, sports or music. Variety stations are usually found on non-commercial public radio stations run by … [Continue Reading]

    Variety Radio Stations
  • Country Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Country music has more radio stations than any other format. This style of music originated in the 1920s and evolved to include honky tonk, urban cowboy, today’s new country, bluegrass and western swing. Country programming is geared … [Continue Reading]

    Country Radio Stations
  • Oldies Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Oldies programming consists of hits from the '50s, '60s and 7'0s although some oldies stations concentrate primarily on one decade. Rock 'n' roll, rhythm and blues, pop and adult contemporary music may all be broadcast within the oldies … [Continue Reading]

    Oldies Radio Stations
  • Spanish-Latin Radio Stations

      Spanish stations exist in nearly every radio programming format in most large cities in the United States. The format is also known as Latin. Cities with more Spanish speaking people have more Spanish radio stations. The Spanish format has … [Continue Reading]

    Spanish-Latin Radio Stations
  • Public Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Public radio was created and partially funded by the Unites States government in 1967, and by 1971 NPR was creating and broadcasting news relating to the war in Vietnam. Soon after its inception, NPR grew to include its first news … [Continue Reading]

    Public Radio Stations
  • Religious Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Religious radio programming is an umbrella term that covers radio programming from a wide variety of Christian denominations as well as other religions. Listeners are mostly 35 years and older, with more females than males. Music, … [Continue Reading]

    Religious Radio Stations
  • Christian Contemporary Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] This genre consists of contemporary and pop music produced by Christian artists and is also known as CCM or inspirational music. Music lyrics from Christian artists focus on Christian faith. Today, many Christian artists, along with the … [Continue Reading]

    Christian Contemporary Radio Stations
  • Classical Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Classical music includes music from full orchestras and smaller chamber orchestras or ensembles, stemming from about the 11th century until present times. It can be subdivided into the following periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, … [Continue Reading]

    Classical Radio Stations
  • Urban Contemporary Radio Stations

    [adsenseyu2] Also known as urban or rhythm and blues, urban contemporary programming primarily consists of black artists. Musical styles include rap, hip-hop, house, soul and new artists. Urban contemporary radio stations are located in major cities … [Continue Reading]

    Urban Contemporary Radio Stations

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